Why You Should be Geocaching

It’s not uncommon to withdraw from your everyday life and daydream of far away places with tropical beaches, towering skyscrapers or mystic mountains – that’s okay, that’s normal. What’s not okay is the dismissal of your local environment, branding it under an umbrella of negative terms such as  ‘boring’ or ‘unattractive’. Remember: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, or rather, one man’s reality is another man’s daydream.  Try to think outside of your own geographical perspective and experience and explore your own area through different eyes. I think I might know a good way to get started….

I’ve mentioned geocaching before (read more about the basics here) and I firmly believe that it’s something you and I should both be doing. You don’t have to hide caches (unless you want to and then by all means, do so) but I implore you to seek them. The undertaking of finding a cache allows you to explore areas of your own neighbourhood that you may have previously overlooked or even been unaware of; places that are significant enough to others for them to personally chose them as a cache location. Grab the coordinates, journey in the correct direction and ask yourself why that spot was chosen. Loose yourself in the hunt and appreciate the rewards.

…and the best thing about geocaching is that it’s free! No expensive memberships are required, only a pen, a GPS (usually found in most smart phones) and thirst for adventure. Become a pioneer and change your local perspective or continue the hunt on your wider travels and discover hidden gems scarcely mentioned in guidebooks. The compass knows no boundaries.

See http://www.geocaching.com/ for more.

J.R.R.Tolkien, probably a geocacher

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    • I have a BlackBerry and use the free app called Black Star. Although it may not provide the most accurate coordinate results, it’ll point you in the right area (within 5 meters or so). The rest of the navigation is up to you.

      From what I’m aware, there are a lot of great GPS apps available for free, or at a small fee for all major smart phone brands. I’d take a browse at what the app store has to offer and experiment from there. Happy caching :D

  1. Thanks for the info. I’ll try geocaching in Calgary. I’m still looking for beginner class this summer. I’ll try Black Star if it is available in iPhone.

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