Thanksgiving for Dummies

It’s taken me several years of hard observation and inquiry, but I think I’ve finally come to understand what Thankgiving holiday is all about.  I’ve also come to the conclusion that I was looking into it too much.

The concept is elementary (my dear Watson). On the second Monday of October (or the fourth Thursday in November if you’re American), families congregate together to celebrate what they are thankful for – this is usually each other, friends, health, etc. The traditional ‘fam jam’  rules apply; with a forecast of board games, embarrassing family photos and a high chance of banter. Sounds easy enough, right?

Now for the main event.


Ah, the stereotypical Thanksgiving stock photograph

This friendly gathering reaches its ultimate climax with a gigantic feast usually involving turkey dinner, all the appropriate trimmings and  – if you’re really lucky – pumpkin pie.

It’s that simple.

I was always looking for something more, a deeper substance to the occasion, but I’ve found that it’s the humbleness and the pure simplicity that makes Thanksgiving such an enjoyable holiday. Timing is also key. Celebrating in early to mid October makes this the perfect opportunity to emerge oneself in the autumnal spirit (one of the many reasons why Canadians do it better).

hike pumpkin














This evidence could not have been collected, analysed and interpreted without being gracious invited into M’s family home for the past three Thanksgivings. I therefore dedicate the science-shattering findings to their name.

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  1. I know what you mean! I ‘did’ thanksgiving this year and kept asking ‘but what’s it all about?’ Thinking surely someone must have died or been born or similar on this day long ago, but no! It is as simple as having a huge meal with family!

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