Teleferico and the Gardens of Mount Isabel de Torres

If there was one thing I was determined to do whilst spending time in the Dominican Republic, it was to ride Teleferico, the hydraulic cable car, up the summit of Mount Isabel de Torres, Puerto Plata’s highest peak. The pictures I had witnessed online where simply breathtaking, and in reality, at over 2,500 feet high with panoramic views of the city, beaches, ocean and beyond,  it didn’t disappoint.

Despite concerns over the natural fluctuations of visibility, fortune favoured us and bestowed upon the morning a beautiful, blue, cloudless sky.


The cable car took approximately 7 minutes to travel from base to crest and I managed to secure myself a spot at the very front of the tram, at an open window, for optimal vantage. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but as the trees tops receded and the wind picked up, it soon turned into a white knuckle ride. The final few minutes proceeded at a very steep incline, leaving me dizzy and grasping for stability upon exit.

…but the view.
Oh my, the view!

Look at that view!


The whole world seemed to open up before us – and the world was a very beautiful place indeed.


Brave explorers are also rewarded with the chance to saunter around the botanical gardens that feature many exotic plants, flowers and…cats?

And then there is this guy: Christ the Redeemer, Jr. Although he may not be as famous or grand as his Brazilian cousin, this J.C is no less inspiring, symbolic or watchful.


The only recommendation I would make to those considering giving Mount Isabel de Torres a visit is this: go in the morning and, if possible, without a tour group. The gardens cannot be fully enjoyed whilst catering to a larger agenda. Take it all in, slow and easy, the Dominican way!

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