Summer 2013: Adventure Plans

As of 11 o’clock this morning, my summer has officially started. That’s right, it’s time for warm weather, long nights, floral dresses, bike rides and vegetarian barbecues. Yet as enjoyable as it is, I can’t help but think that there must be more to summer than that. I’m a person of goals and lists, so I decided to transcribe here my intended accomplishments for summer 2013:

A view I’m soon to be enjoying

1. Visit a new country: Trinidad and Tobago
Hey Lindsey, I thought you said you were going to Peru?  That’s right dear reader, looking back at 2012: The Good, The Bad and The Future, I mentioned that M and I were going to Peru but unfortunately, our grand adventure plans fell through. There was a very short window in which we were able to visit the country (most specifically, Machu Picchu)  and all available tours at that time were promptly booked. However there were no sad feelings; after months of preparation, M and I had money and time to spare – the only thing missing was the destination. We decided on the island jewels of Trinidad and Tobago, with its inciting and complimentary mix of both Central American and Caribbean culture. We leave in exactly 1 week. I can hardly contain my excitement. After a turbulent year at university, this is exactly what the doctor ordered.

2. Explore more of Canada: The Maritime Provinces
This summer, I’m fortunate enough to also have the opportunity to further explore more of my own adoptive country, with a road trip to Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick planned for August. I intend to spend every day with healthy doses of bike riding, seafood consumption and alcohol fuel evenings on the beach – what’s not to look forward too?

3. Learn to love Hamilton
Hamilton, Ontario is home to McMaster University, my greatly adored campus and post secondary institute of choice; but the city itself is also home to a bad reputation of dirty industry, violence and homelessness.  Like many others, I’m guilty of branding Hamilton with such negative stereotypes and yet I’m also aware that it’s the waterfall capital of the world! In an attempt to develop a relationship with the city that holds so much importance in my life, I’d like to visit a few of these illusive waterfalls and imprint their beauty onto my mental map of Hamilton.

4. Bike to Toronto
This is a follow up on a mad idea that M and I entertained a few summers ago. From our neighborhood in Bronte village, downtown Toronto is a total of 30 miles (or 50 km for you North American chaps). To cycle there and back along the waterfront trail will be both visually pleasing and physically rewarding. My legs, on the other hand, might not agree come the following morning.

To celebrate the coming of summer, I got a new bike and camera. Here’s is evidence of both

5. Blog
Whilst continuing on my triumphant online fanfare of geography and travel,  I’d like to focus my attention as a voice for young immigrants, since I believe the psychological effects of moving abroad (especially as a teenager) are often overlooked. Having signed up to numerous expat websites (expats blog, expat blog and blog expat but to name a few), I’d like see this as a new opportunity – an internet adventure, if you will. It is my expertise, after all. Nevertheless, you’ll be hearing more from me, that’s for sure.

These are my high ambitions for the summer, but let’s not neglect the everyday joys of simple fun in the sun.  Here’s to you, summer 2013. Let’s make it a good one.

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