Photo Essay: The Stones of Stonehenge

The best part about returning to your expatriated country for pleasure is the ability to ‘play tourist’ and visit destinations previously deemed unimportant. I suppose it’s the knowledge that what was once at your disposal is now so far away and a temporary absence suddenly brings new light.

(This is obviously not just a British thing. For example, I know many residents of Southern Ontario who has never been up the C.N Tower and show little interest in doing so)

Thus,  it was on my second return to England that I thought it necessary to visit the ever-mysterious Stonehenge.

stone 1

stone 9 stone 6 stone 2 stone 4 stone 3 stone 7 stone 8

In the above picture, a token can be seen. A travel companion of mine, inspired by pagan symbolism, designed a few with the intention of leaving them behind as a sign of reverence.

As a fleeting tourist, it’s easy to forget Stonehenge’s  pagan traditions, unless that is, the infamous King Arthur and his Lady Guinevere are present (of whom I managed to snap a sneak shot).


So, am I glad I did it? Absolutely.

Would I recommend the experience? Most definitely.

Just…don’t give in to the hype. The stones are not as large or rural as is often portrayed (much like many international tourist sites, images tend to be exaggerated). Visit without expectations and you will leave a happy traveller. 

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  1. I went to Avebury, I just loved it so much and would recommend that! We went because you can touch the stones and be among them. I love standing stones. I also love the standing stones in Cornwall.

    • My parents have told me of Avebury – apparently I’ve been there before as a child? That sounds lovely. It would have been nice to get a little more close and personal with the rocks.

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