Photo Essay: Capture the Colour Contest

As you may or may not know, Capture the Colour is an annual photoblogging competition held by the generous folks at Travel Supermarket.  By submitting five photographs (one under each of the following categories: yellow, red, blue, green and white), each contestant has a chance of being chosen for an Ipad, camera or maybe even the grand prize of a $3,000 travel fund.  Just think of all the places that could take you!

Fuelled by my endless thirst for travel and with nothing to lose, may I present to you my (unedited) entries for #CTC13:

Devizes, England,  U.K, 2010.
This refreshing golden pint of Stowford Press Cider (representing my home county Herefordshire) has already started to be enjoyed. Complemented by the fields in the backdrop, a soft, comforting image of rural Britain life is created.

green, blue, red
Pigeon Point Beach, Tobago, 2013.
When visualising a glorious tropical beach, three main colours come to mind: yellow for the sand (or white if you’re really lucky), a clear blue for the ocean and sky and a rich green for the vegetation. What I didn’t expect to find whilst strolling the beaches of Tobago was a brilliant red tree, alone amongst its surrounding colours yet equally as vibrant.
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Oakville, Ontario, Canada, 2013.
Sunday 23rd June was also known as Supermoon Sunday, an astronomical event where the moon would appear larger that usual in the sky. To commemorate the occasion, M and I watched the moon rise over Lake Ontario and captured the mysterious blue sky mirrored  in the water below.

Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada, 2011
A soft and mossy green hue extends the entire depth of this photo – taken during a hike along one of Algonquin’s many untouched and rugged trails.
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Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, 2013.
Let’s face it, this colourful collection of fruit wouldn’t look half as appealing had it not been situated on a crisp white tablecloth and china plates.

In return, I must nominate 5 fellow travel bloggers who should consider entering for a chance to win:
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Good luck to everyone!


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