Lunch in St. Andrews, Scotland

With a prestigious university (attended by everybody’s favourite royals, Will and Kate) and the lofty title of ‘home of golf’, St. Andrews has earned itself a international reputation. Yet, despite this adorned status, it still manages to maintain the charm of a small, snug, sea-side town. The consequential atmosphere is one of vitality, majesty and tranquility.

On what I’d like to think was a stereotypical Scottish day- overcast with a light fog and soft drizzle – I had the pleasure of visiting St. Andrews for lunch and a late morning saunter. Accompanied by family-turned-locals, we toured the streets and shoreline in a leisurely but strategic manner, starting with the all-important golf course.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no golf enthusiast (unless it’s crazy golf!) but walking across the eighteenth hole of the famous St. Andrews Links Old Course allows for certain bragging rights.



The town itself is a perfect combination of trusted brand stores (shoutouts to H&M for a fantastic new outfit!) and individual shops selling artisan goods and produce. The cafes were also vast in number and character, yet small in scale. The opportunities for a light meal were therefore endless.

After much deliberation, our merry party of six (plus Tillie the dog) sat on a patio on South St., munching on sandwiches and listening to the sound of bagpipes. Our Scottish experience was enhanced further with a round of Irn-Bru flavoured gelato from Jannettas Gelateria.



It was also in St. Andrews that I ate the best scone I’ve ever had. Coming from a seasoned scone eater, that’s saying something! Who said that Scots couldn’t cook?

Should I ever find myself in the Kingdom of Fife once more (and I hope that I do), I wouldn’t hesitate to visit St. Andrews again…except that next time, here’s to hoping that the weather isn’t too Scottish.

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