Immigration Made Easier with Navut Neighbourhood Finder

Deciding whether to immigrate can be one of the hardest decisions for a person to make. It involves great risk, a lot of faith and a long, drawn-out process of contemplation and weighing the pros and cons. Once you’ve made the commitment, things only get more difficult. Questions spawn more questions and it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed in a web of confusion. Immigration, its seems, it not for the fainthearted.

So you’ve decided to move to Canada. That’s great, but where do you go from here?

First, you’ll need to narrow down an area of interest.

My family and I took multiple trips in the years prior to The Big Move to make sure we chose the correct location for our needs. Starting broad, we visited B.C, Québec, and Alberta before deciding on Ontario as our province of choice. Next, we took a slow drive through the Greater Golden Horseshoe, stopping at cities of interest along the way to assess compatibility. After much deliberation, Burlington and Oakville were the last contenders. Even then, we still had to decide on a neighbourhood and within that, a home. The process was tiresome, expensive and time consuming but we eventually came to what we believe to be the right decision.


Oakville – the successful finalist of our city search

These cumbersome early stages of immigration can now be made easier with the use of Navut, an innovative startup that helps you chose the right neighbourhood for you, based on your personal preferences and criteria.

Mad for Montréal? Crazy for Calgary? Obsessed with Ottawa? Navut covers seven of the biggest cities in the country and counting! Simply input what is important to you (e.g proximity to amenities, price ranges, demographics, etc.) and browse the suggestions. The neighbourhood profiles boast enough infographics to satisfy even the nerdiest of stats nerds (aka: me) and contain helpful contact information for local estate agents and schools.


Much like many young adults in Southern Ontario, I have often dreamed of living in Toronto, so I used Navut to determine where my ideal home would be situated. My top match? Yonge and St. Clair. After viewing the lush and colourful pictures I, too, concur.

navut 2

In my expert opinion as both an immigrant and a geography graduate (a-thank you!), I give Navut a great big thumbs up. Whether immigrating or moving domestically, Navut offers all the relevant information on one, simple, easy-to-navigate site.

Moving isn’t easy. Navut is. Learn from my experience and take the time to save you time by visiting for your neighbourhood needs.

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