You Know You’re a Geography Student When…

1. Your bedroom wall is covered in maps
2. You own an item of clothing that has a map on it


3. …okay, you own more than one item of clothing with a map on it

middle earth

4. In fact, you tend to buy everything possible that is decorated with maps
5. Your love is more than skin deep


6. You have a subscription to National Geographic
7. …and to work for them is your dream job
8. You know the Animaniacs Nations of the World song off by heart
9. You also have a tendency to be attracted to songs and artists with geographic names
10. You have a love/hate relationship with G.I.S
11. This shirt makes you shamelessly chuckle


12. …as does this picture


13. You have reflected upon your favourite projection
14. You have strong opinions regarding the name ‘North West’

north west

15. You have or at least consider calling your pets/children geography related names (Gai, Atlas, India, etc.)
16. You become frustrated when people interchange England and Britain, Ireland and Northern Ireland, and commit other such rookie mistakes
17. You know who this man is, and you love him


18. You have a geography related blog
19. At some point in your academic career, you have coloured in a map
20. This painting fills you with pride


21. You like love live to travel
22. ….but feel guilty about how it impacts the environment
23. You have been asked by your peers about what you want to do with your degree
24. …which has led you to question future prospects (or lack thereof)
25. …but then you stop, smile and remember that geography makes the world go round



2 comments to “You Know You’re a Geography Student When…”
    • Thank you, Holly :)
      I must confess that I am a huge Tolkien fan but you’re right, I’m sure my dress gives that away.

      And good on your brother! I’d love to be a geography teacher myself, if it wasn’t for the whole children thing.

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