Geography in Music

If you can’t tell already, I like geography, a lot; but there’s enough room in my ol’ British heart for more than just one passion. While flags, maps and travel dominate one half of my affections, music sits comfortably and quietly in the other. Therefore, I thought it only fitting to collaborate my favourite things into one big happy post.

When scrolling  through my iPod playlist one cold morning commute,  it dawned on me that I had a lot of song titles with a geographic emphasis. Whether the artist was inspired by a certain travel experience or if the song in question was a representative of the musical culture, it appeared that I had a lot of place names staring back at me. Being a sucker for lists, I promptly created a separate ‘geoplaylist’, categorized the songs by continent and country, pressed play, sat back and enjoyed. All of these songs, plus reader submissions are listed and linked below for your own auditory pleasure. Try it out yourself on your own mp3 player and let me know the results!

Africa – Toto
Africa unite – Bob Marley














North America
North American scum – LCD Soundsystem





South and Central America



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