A Geographer’s Christmas List

Christmas is coming! Okay, so maybe it’s only socially acceptable to mention Christmas once Halloween has passed (and even that’s a push!) but I’m notoriously future orientated. To be honest, I actually perfected my Christmas wish list (below) back in August but we’ll surpass that embarrassing detail to state an obvious observation: look,  it’s almost entirely geography related – big surprise. I’ve made it an insatiable goal to persuade others into a life of sustainable, green, geo-lovin’ and what better way to do this than to strive for one myself? We are, after all, only apes and I believe the saying goes ‘monkey see, monkey do’.

If you’re curious or genuinely struggling to get past my extraordinarily neat and painstakingly perfect handwriting (ah-thank you!), you may just be wondering what exactly is on my list? Or, even better, looking for inspiration into what gifts a geography obsessed loved one would appreciate. Well, dear reader, call me your fairy godmother, because that’s just what I’m going  to do!

P.S I am very aware that this list is particularly ambitious. I do not expect to get a bike and a camera – or anything mentioned at all! On the contrary  this is just to give an element of choice to friends and family who wish to spread the cheer of the season.

1. Scratch Map USA – I’ve mentioned my beloved Scratch Map before but this is a larger scale version, specifying in the US of A.  Once you’ve visited a state, scratch inside the boundaries to create your own geographic stars and stripes pattern! This’ll be an eye-catching addition to my newly renovated,  ‘Wall of the World’ .

2. National Geographic/Traveler  – M got me an annual subscription to National Geographic Magazine last Christmas and I’d very much like to keep this as a traditional present. NG Traveler, on the other hand, will be new.  By submerging myself in a travel journalist environment, I hope to further my own writing, adventures and opportunities.

3. Grosvenor desk globe – I want a globe collection: simple, sexy and sophisticated. Grosvenor (who?) would look poetic, perched on a bookshelf, just one of an army of perfectly projected spheroids (drool….).

4. ‘Decent camera’ – For capturing a moment in time and documenting my travels hence forth, I’ll need something a little more reliable than my current model. I don’t need anything that requires an expensive lens or tripod (you listening, M?) but to take myself seriously, I’ll need more serious tools.

5. Used bike – I’ve been mooching off my brother’s bicycle all summer and the inevitable has happen – he wants to use it for himself. I wasn’t really comfortable (literally!) on that old bulky thing anyway but I have a very specific vision to satisfy in respect to my own. Picture this: a curved structure, a pastel colour, a wicker basket….

Yeah, that’s the one!

Healthy, environmentally friendly, fashionable – what could go wrong?

6. Money/clothes for Peru – M and I are planning a trip to Peru in May but most of our time between now and then will be occupied with post secondary responsibility. Although both financially productive, it’d be nice to have a helping hand towards our first South American experience (but more on that story later!)

7. Map of Middle Earth – Because apparently wearing an evenstar necklace and naming my hamster ‘Rohan’ isn’t enough to express my fandom adoration for Tolkien’s fantasy world.

8. Geocaching personalized stickers – ‘The WellStrongs found your cache on’…. when? When did The WellStrongs find the cache? This is the only detail that’ll need to be personally inked into the logbook once M and I add another successful cache to our list.

9. Kitten – No explanation necessary. JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE!







10. Daisy by Marc Jacobs – Because a lady with a floral attitude is only as fresh as her scent.

Now doesn’t that sound grand? Let’s hope that Father Christmas (I can never get into this ‘Santa’ business) takes heed. Maybe he’ll be encouraged to take an interest in Geography in his remaining  364 days of the year – besides, his home is in danger and the North Pole may benefit from it…

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