An English Girl at CanadaU: In Search of Middle Ground

I’ve been meaning to write a piece on the educational differences between Canada and the U.K for quite some time now; and thanks to Expatsblog’s fortnightly contests, I was given the needed push. There is no doubt more to be said on the topic of education, but for now, enjoy the link below to my entry and don’t forget to comment, share, like and favourite to show support.

2 comments to “An English Girl at CanadaU: In Search of Middle Ground”
  1. I’ve just stumbled upon you blog…..and have loved reading it. I am a Brit, married to a Canadian, with 2 Italian teenage boys lving in Italy. We are pretty disillusioned with Italy right now (after 25 years here) and are seriously considering moving to Ontario when my youngest finishes secondary school (in 3 years)……reading your blog is great -it gives a completely different insight on things compared to others I have read -I will keep reading ;)

    • Oh wow, thank you so much Kathryn! Reading your comment put a big smile on my face! I’ve been a bit slack recently but I intend to focus a lot of restless summer energy into my blogging so you’ll be seeing more of me!

      It sounds as if you’ve traveled a lot! I’m sure your husband knows enough people in Canada but if you need any questions answered from an expat perspective regarding southern Ontario (largely the GTA) then I’d be more than happy to help :)

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