Earth Write, Part 5

Well guys, this is it. It’s finally here. The final semester of Earth Write

Intro to Sustainability, 1st year
I recently discovered (thankfully not too late in the game) that I am able to achieve a minor in Sustainability; the only catch is that I have to tolerate another first year lecture. Intro to Sustainability sounds appealing enough, but I fear that, as a 5th year with all other requirements met, I may find myself experiencing academic deja vu. I suppose this’ll be good for grades though – I learn best through repetition.

big fan

Energy and Society, 3rd year
Perhaps the most anticipated, Energy and Society has been alluring me for many years.  My ideal class format would be comparative;  giving us the information and confidence needed to form a concrete position in energy debates. Wind or solar? Nuclear or hydro?  I want to know the pros and cons of all.

Sustainable Implementation, 3rd year
How’s about a course that involves practice, over preach? Sustainable Implementation does just that, giving students the opportunity to involve themselves in one of many ‘green’ community projects. I’m curious in pursuing one regarding the conservation of the Bruce Trail.  This’ll be an interesting one to watch.   

Urban Housing, 4th year
Hmm, this will undoubtedly be a dry one. I’m not entirely sure how I found myself specializing in urban geography, but Urban Housing is one of the few upper level classes that, dictated by past course choices, was available for the picking – and I have requirements that need satisfying. According to previous attendees, context is focused largely on mortgages. Hey, at least I’ll be gaining knowledge that is of relevance to the ‘real world’.

…and that’s it. University over. Poof.

Unfortunately, I have to wait until June to don the infamous cap-and-gown ensemble. It ain’t over ’till it’s over.


I’ll miss you in all seasons, McMaster

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