Earth Write, Part 4

As fourth and final year of university comes-a-creepin’  (where has the time gone!), I’m about due to write my bi-annual review of classes in anticipation of the new semester; but of course, after reading Earth Write, Part 3 and Earth Write, Part 3, Part 2, you already knew that.

So as the graduation clock starts ticking and the tired leaves start falling, the following four subjects will be at the center of my little world, absorbing the last of my energy and sanity until the Christmas lights glow bright:

City and Economy, 1st year
Taking a first year course as a senior is a little frustrating but it is a requirement that I have thus far neglected so as punishment, here I am. It’ll be nice to get back down to basics but don’t be fooled that first year content necessarily equals an easy ride. On the contrary, what the course may lack in depth, it more than makes up for in workload. I’m also more inclined towards natural geography as opposed to human induced, so if anything, this course may be a bit of a itch.

Vermeer’s 1668 painting ‘The Geographer’ – because this is exactly how I feel when studying

Health and Healthcare, 3rd year
Following up from last semesters Geographies of Death course, Health and Healthcare is largely assumed to be the same (minus the horrifically morbid name). Spatial distributions and determinants of illness and disease are delved into deeper than before – it’s interesting stuff, so long as you don’t mind the potential side effects of hypochondria and obsessive cleanliness.

Environmental Catastrophes, 3rd year
A new course to the university curriculum, Environmental Catastrophes explores the details of such disasters as Chernobyl and the BP oil spill. Hopefully by learning of the causes and effects, us current students can make the correct decisions in our future career paths to stop similar events occurring and being taught in this very class, several decades down the line.

Perhaps the biggest environmental catastrophe to date

Environmental Assessment, 4th year
Oh, did I mention that I am now taking double honours, coupling my beloved geography with an equally adored environmental studies? Well now you know and this forth year course is very important to the latter (and to job positions that intrigue me). Here, I’ll be learning how to write EIAs  (environmental impact assessments) – a heavy bout of paperwork that identifies the potential negative consequences of perusing a proposed planning project (excuse the alliteration).

…and there we have it folks: forth year, first semester in a nutshell. It’s an interesting mixture of content and years; enough to keep it fresh and compelling.  Regardless, I’ll be damned if I don’t enjoy the final year for every moment it’s worth.

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