Earth Write, Part 4, Part 2

..and suddenly, the winter semester.


This semester, personified

In what is supposed to be my final months of university life, I am left with a sporadic schedule and an unfriendly course load. Boo! This, coupled with the onslaught of cold weather, is a battle that I do not wish to fight alone.  But don’t let that deter you from pursuing an interest in geography – the courses themselves are intriguing, as I shall soon detail.

Following tradition (r.e. Earth Write Part 3, Earth Write Part 3, Part 2 and Earth Write Part 4), may I present to you, Earth Write, Part 4, Part 2!

Career Planning, 2nd year
Since employment opportunities have become increasingly less linked to academic ability and more to experience and networking skills (just my luck), I thought it was about time to pursue an internship. That thought terrifies me but thankfully there is a course that prepares you for the working world. Say hello to Career Planning! I expected it’ll do exactly what it says on the tin.

Cities of the Developing World, 3rd year
In this modern age of globalization, the developed world is becoming less relevant and our comfortable, consumerist way of life is threatened by the advancement of others. It’s time for the Western world to move over… here come the BRICs! As a new course, Cities of the Developing World is in its growing phase, much like the countries in which it focuses on. Despite a slight lack of direction, the material is current and emerging. By increasing global awareness, this class’ll make world citizens of us all.

Geographies of Planning, 3rd year
A dry and intensive subject, urban planning is not my cup of tea (…and trust me, I love tea). However, after taking related courses within the field and achieving high marks, I thought I’d give this third year class (strictly limited to the process of planning) a go. Hmmm… big mistake. With heavily worded and weighted assignments, this class might prove to be more of a hassle than it’s worth.

Environment and Health, 4th year
Similar to Geographies of Planning, Environment and Health is not the cakewalk first expected. Despite interesting content regarding exposure, risk and consequences of environmental hazards on human health (for example, radiation or air pollution), again it is the assessment style that destroys morale. If only it were possible to learn for learning’s sake.

Environmental Policy, Ethics and Risk, 4th year
Easily the most enjoyable class thus far, Policy, Ethics and Risk looks at environmental issues through a different lens. Since the class is only comprised of 12 students, topical discussion and debate is a major opportunity for not only grade points, but also perspective realignment. Opinions I once held were subject to scrutiny; and as a result, they were either strengthening or molded into something new. Simply put, this class has broadening my environmental outlook and I anticipate what the rest of the semester has in store.

As proof of this semesters life draining power, this post has taken me two months to write. Geography is fun, but no one ever said geography was easy.


Less of this please…








geography is great

…and more of this!


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