The (Canadian) Expat Shopping List

This spring, after four long years, I’ll be returning to the U.K – and the departure date is coming up fast!  However, the anticipation of rekindling my patriotic flame has got me wondering: if I were to re-pat (that is, move back to England), what would I miss most about Canada? This question, of course, far exceeds the scope of a single blog post…how about, more specifically, food and beverages?

Complementing The (British) Expat Shopping List, I present to you, the best of the True North.


Saucy chicken wings


(especially when partnered with a pitcher or two of Molson Canadian)

chips ahoy

Chips Ahoy!

root beer

Root Beer


Thick, fluffy pancakes

lucky charms

Lucky Charms

kraft dinner

Kraft Dinner




Butter tarts

all dressed

All dressed chips

beaver tails



Arizona iced tea



ice cap

Tim Hortons ice-cap


(or anything Tim Hortons for that matter)

Although based off personal preference, there are some things that cannot be disputed (*cough* Tim Hortons *cough*).

Have I missed out anything important? What would be/is on your expat shopping list?

2 comments to “The (Canadian) Expat Shopping List”
    • Cooking spices is such a sensible suggestion! I’ve never even thought about that much detail! Apparently I’m all about the junk food, which is slightly embarrassing.

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