Brewery Tours: Guinness Storehouse

I find it extremely difficult to associate any beverage to the Emerald Isle as enthusiastically as Guinness – and I’m certainly not the only one. Did you know that the Guinness Storehouse is Ireland’s most popular tourist attraction? No? Well, with that information in mind, it’s not surprising that, even as only a partial beer drinker, I was determined to give the site a visit.

Walking through the cobbled streets of historic Dublin, it was almost impossible to miss –  gigantic, golden harps embellished the exterior of St. James Gate, promising travellers with the warmth and hospitality that we have come to expect from Guinness…

Oh, and did I mention that it’s shaped like a giant pint glass?

With seven storeys packed full of memorabilia, trivia, advertising and educational exhibits, there’s enough to satisfy even the thirstiest of visitors.


For a girl of little patience (just gimme the beer!), the experience was both informative and overwhelming. How could there be so much to learn? How can anyone truly enjoy a pint of Ireland’s finest without first knowing the story of Arthur Guinness, his fateful inheritance and the 9000 year lease?

Historical awareness contributes an additional dimension of flavour and depth to an already potent brew. It is therefore understandable why most brewery tours save the sampling until last –  to enhance appreciation.  As one of the more famous Guinness adverts suggests,  good things comes to those who wait.

On that note, finally, the Gravity bar.

Gravity Bar

There is no finer way to enjoy a Guinness than to accompany it with panoramic views of Old Dublin. I knew that this would be the freshest pint of Guinness imaginable but try as I did, my light and delicate palate was stubborn:


A face of frustration and fear

I don’t like Guinness.

That isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy the Guinness Storehouse – I did – but we all have preferences and some are unwilling to change, no matter how you try. I’m sorry Arthur, it’s not you, its me.

Stay thirsty! 

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    • Tastebuds change every few years (or so they say), so hey, maybe we will find ourselves enjoying a nice cold pint of Guinness yet! I’ll never turn down a sip, but I’m more of a light beer drinker (in terms of colour and flavour) myself.

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