The Big, Bad, Bucket List

I’ve seen a lot of posts recently about bucket lists and as both a list enthusiast and an opportunist, it’s something that I can’t get out of my mind. Writing a bucket list poses a lot of questions-  it gets you thinking.

I’m getting older.
Life is precious and short.
What would I like to accomplish before the end?

Now that sounds a little morbid, I know, but the act of writing and pursuing a bucket list is actually one of great pleasure. It’s about learning what is important to you and making headway on achieving your goals.

Upon reflection, I’ve accomplished a lot of interesting things in my 23 years on planet Earth: some impressive (moving countries, traveling solo, witnessing the Northern Lights and waterfall jumping but to name a few) and some…not so impressive (I’ll spare myself the embarrassment).

The real question is: if money was not an obstacle, what would you like to do?

After several edits, I manged to reduce my hefty list to a solid 30 entries. These are the grand ideas and costly adventures of The Wandering Rose.

1. Reach and sustain an age-to-country ratio (e.g 30 countries before 30) (progress: 17:23)
2. Step foot on every continent (progress: 2/7)
3. Visit all 50 states  (progress: 4/50)
4. Complete a Caribbean Odyssey with M
5. Visit all modern wonders of the world (progress: 1/7)
6. Go on a cruise

U.S.Acanyon8. Watch a cirque du soleil show in Las Vegas
9. Road trip California (Los Angeles → Sequoia National Park → San Francisco)
10.Fulfill my childhood dream of visiting Florida for a theme park holiday (Disney World, Universal Studio, etc.)
11. Unwind in Hawaii

Worldsantorini13. Get romantic in Prague
14. Ride a camel in the Sahara desert
15. Smell the cherry blossoms in Japan
16. Go big in Australia
17. Visit Hobbiton and other Lord of the Rings locations in New Zealand
18. Breathe the mountain air of Peru
19. Pet the rays in Stingray city, Grand Cayman
20. Sooth my obsession with St. Lucia

21. Reach 100+ Facebook followers
22. Continue to post at least once a week
23. Have an article published

Healthrun25. Bike to Toronto from Oakville

26. Go dog sledding
27. Go paraglidingbaloon

29. Attend a music festival
30. Write a book

Previous editions included simpler, more playful entries such as ‘enjoy a relaxing spa day with mum’ or ‘give up something for lent’; and although they didn’t make it onto the grand, adventurous Wandering Rose bucket list, that isn’t to say that these more humble wishes will go neglected. Knowledge of what does and what would make you happy (and knowing the different) in priceless. A more private, personal bucket list will remain undisclosed.

What would be on your bucket list? Big or small, near or far.

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