A-Z of Ross-On-Wye, England

Inspired by English Girl Canadian Man’s A-Z of Hamilton series, I decided to ponder over what people, places or objects are symbolic to both where I live now and where I lived prior to The Big Move. This intriguing albeit difficult task encourages awareness of detail and paints a unique picture of ones geographic perception.

…and it only seems natural to start at the beginning. So without further ado, here’s to my little old town of Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire.


A is for Audrey’s Fishbar
indisputably the best fish and chips in town
B is for Blobby’s Palace
infamously large, pink house overlooking the river that evokes images of 90s childhood icon/nightmare weaver, Mr. Blobby
C is for Chase Hotel
prestigious accommodation that serves as the location for the annual bonfire night celebration, amongst other social gatherings and functions
D is for Deadmans Drop
dangerous sidepath up a steep incline of sandstone that daredevils and drunken youth brave alike
E is for Events
including May Fayre, the carnival, the duck race and once upon a time, the Ross Festival
F is for Floods
a combination of low river banks and perpetual rain often leads to full scale flooding of nearby fields and streets
G is for Gwalia
corner shop recognizable by the vintage advertising signs on its exterior walls
H is for Hedgehog
the emblem of Ross
I is for Independent Shops
a large gathering of locally owned and operated businesses make for a unique shopping experience
J is for Jumping Salmon
noteworthy sculpture outside of the Man of Ross pub 
K is for (John) Kyrle
aka ‘the Man of Ross’; a prominent historical figure for which the pub and (my old) high school is named after
L is for Labels
large outlet store located just a short drive up the A40
M is for Marketplace
17th century town centerpiece that serves as a meeting spot for locals and hosts biweekly markets for farmers and artisans

market house 2

A view from the top of the marketplace

N is for Newspaper
aka ‘The Ross Gazette’
O is for Odd Object 
competition; hunt for the peculiar items found in shop window displays around town (part of the Ross Carnival)
P is for Prospect
public garden with spectacular views of the meandering river and countryside beyond
Q is for Queen
a royal visit took place in 2003 (to which I was one of a chosen few primary students present)
R is for River Wye
towns namesake and a natural beauty unmatched

Ross again
S is for St. Mary’s
700 year old church whose iconic spire beckons  travellers from all directions
T is for Tudorville
community; home to many of the towns colourful characters (residents are known as ‘Tuds’)
U is for Utility 
an ideal base location for further regional exploration due to its situation along the M5
V is for (Wye) Valley
internationally recognized and protected landscape of scenic importance of which Ross is a notable part
W is for Wilton Castle
12th century castle on the river bank, recently restored to the public
X is for Xmas
magical time of year when the town tree is erected in the market square and liquid fuelled merrimenters are dared to climb it
Y is for Yaks N Yetis
Tibetan restaurant with flavourful food and raving reviews
Z is for Zam Zam
popular restaurant specialised in Indian cuisine

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