A-Z of Oakville, Ontario

As a nod to my previous post, the A-Z of Ross-On-Wye, England, it seemed only fit to follow suit with an A-Z of my new home – Oakville, Ontario. This way, my environment can be compared, contrasted, contemplated over; or any other past tense ‘c’ verb that takes your fancy.

I would be lying if I said that writing about Oakville was easy. It was hard – harder than Ross by far. Does this hint towards a difference between living in the country and living in the suburbs, where one is more whimsical in nature that the other? Perhaps. Regardless, I am proud of my Canadian foundation and am here today to share it with the world.

A is for Appleby College
distinguished boarding school with spacious and scenic lakefront property
B is for Bronte Creek 
provincial park with historic buildings, hiking trails, camping grounds and seasonal maple taping, but to name of few of its treasures
C is for Cameron’s Brewery
award winning craft beer makers who have gained a considerable following from local connoisseurs
D is for Donovan Bailey
Olympic gold medalist for men’s 100m sprint in 1996, who grew up and trained on my very crescent
E is for Escarpment
ecosystem; consisting of rugged cliffs, wooded valleys and other such enticing, natural phenomena
F is for Ford Factory
assembly plant and headquarters of Ford Canada; a link to Oakville’s previous dependence on manufacturing
G is for Glen Abbey Golf Course
home of the Canadian Open golf tournament

boats H is for Harbours
lighthouses, piers and boats of all stature keep Bronte and Oakville  loyal to their marinal past
I is for Iroquois
first nations tribe who once inhabited the land
J is for Jazz Festival
annual summer event in which numerous talented jazz musicians perform free concerts in the street
K is for Kerr Village
community; a series of small, independent businesses with a heavy Portuguese and Italian influence
L is for Lakeshore Rd.
picture-perfect drive featuring a series of million dollar mansions, oozing with grandeur and prestige
M is for Midnight Madness
another annual summer event where downtown restaurants and stores are open until the late evening hours
N is for Newspaper
aka ‘The Oakville Beaver’
O is for (Lake) Ontario
smallest of the Great Lakes of North America, on which Oakville is strategically situated

lighthoseP is for Petro Canada
petroleum refinery plant; another link to past blue collar dominance
Q is for QEW
aka ‘ Queen Elizabeth Way’; ever-congested highway series that connects to Toronto, Niagara Falls and the USA
R is for Rich
common and often accurate stereotype of Oakvillians
S is for Sheridan College
singular post secondary option, famous for its expertise in graphic design
T is for Trafalgar
once independent town, now agglomerated under Oakville  (much like Bronte)
U is for Upper Middle
major road that travels parallel to the lake
V is for Vehicles
SUVs, expensive business cars (and in the summer, sports cars) are prominent modes of  transportation
W is for Weather
voted ‘best weather in Canada’ by MacLean’s Magazine in 2012
X is for (Neole)x(ia)
act of creating new words; for example, ‘chate’
Y is for Yoga
favoured past time for hockey/soccer ‘moms’
Z is for Zara’s by the Lake 
new Mediterranean restaurant in Bronte Village

Note: Okay, I know I got a little cheeky there with ‘x’ but I challenge you to find a relevant person, place or object that begins with the letter ‘x’!

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