2014: The Good, The Bad And The Future

Here we are again, another year older and another year wiser.

2014 began as a ‘shadow in the mist’ with unlimited potential for growth and adaptation; and now here at the end of it all, I’m thankful for where my path has led. For me, it has been a year of transition and accomplishment, paving the way for a new chapter in life. ¬†For humanity as a whole…well…I’ll leave it to my good friend Google to answer that one.

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The Good
1. Dominican Republic
As stated in 2013: The Good, The Bad And The Future, I was determined to continue my one-new-country-per-year tradition despite a significant lack of strategy. In a desperate attempt of attainment, M and I found ourselves in the Dominican; and although the planning felt rushed, we were not disappointed. Good food, comfortable accommodation and beautiful scenery, all at an affordable price.

2. Montreal Grand Prix
In contrast, the Montreal Grand Prix was a trip planned 12 months in advanced. After overcoming an initial hiccup (The Great Overbooked B&B Incident of 2014) our weekend was filled with partying, sunshine and fast, fast cars.


H and O, blending in with the locals

3. O’s visit
This year, my family opened the door to 8 friends visiting from overseas Рa record number for one calendar year!  However, no visit was more exciting than childhood best friend O and her boyfriend, H. Although our grand plans of escaping to Florida fell through, our time together was well spent playing tourist, reminiscing and making new memories.

4. Finishing university
Although I don’t officially graduate until June 2015, all required courses have been complete. Therefore, I am now free to wander mostly untethered into the next phase of my adult life: a career *gulp*


The Bad
Much like last year, there is (thankfully) nothing noteworthy to mention in this category – and I’d like to keep it that way.

The Future
1. Iceland
As a graduation/birthday treat to myself, I’m going on my first solo adventure, and what better place to go than my dream destination: the land of fire and ice. It’s an unconventional place to travel to in the dead of winter, I grant you that, but I’ll likely get to tick Aurora Borealis off the bucket list, and so much more! Watch this space, it’s go big or go home time.

2. England/Wales/Scotland
Finally, after 4 years, I’m returning to Blighty, and this time, M is coming with me! As any immigrant knows, revisiting the homeland is not a vacation. On the contrary, these two weeks will proceed as a messy balancing act involving friends, family, old haunts, new sights and conflicting emotions. Regardless, I can hardly contain my excitement. I also get to step foot in Scotland for the first time, which is long overdue.

3. Miscellaneous
In between travelling, I’ll be busying myself with moving out, finding a job job, being bridesmaid at my brothers wedding, and potentially returning to Algonquin Provincial Park. Phew!

I have a good feeling about you, 2015. Don’t let me down!

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